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Marc Waxman

master instructor

Certified since July 2016

Marc Waxman

instructor map marker Massachusetts

Connect with Marc

Simply, Marc’s mission is to help others develop their best selves.

At his core, Marc is a teacher. As an education entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience he has served in the roles of coach, teacher, school founder, school leader, mindfulness educator, and executive director.

Marc is an avid runner with regular podium finishes. In his forties he ran a 2:51 PR in the Boston Marathon and successfully completed 50-mile ultramarathons. Marc has been practicing ChiRunning for many years and credits it for his ability to run 2,500 injury-free miles every year.

In recent years Marc has combined his deep education experience with his passion for running to coach a wide range of runners of all ages and abilities. He is especially proud of supporting individuals to successfully run their first marathon or half marathon or PR.

Lately, Marc has begun exploring how to intentionally integrate mindfulness into ChiRunning and ChiWalking.

Becoming a ChiRunning/ChiWalking coach is a dream come true for Marc as it allows him to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of ChiRunning with others!

A Worcester native, Marc now lives in Wrentham, Massachusetts with his animal-lover wife and his soccer-obsessed sons.

Marc offers a wide range of coaching services for runners and walkers… from group workshops to individual training sessions and from ages 5 to 85!  He especially enjoys working with teenage student-athletes.

Please reach out directly via email to inquire about opportunities to practice ChiRunning/ChiWalking with Marc at

I love running, but have been perpetually hurt every single year – typically bad calf strains twice a year that required 4-6 weeks of physical therapy.  I heard about a demo for Chi Running that Marc was hosting and decided to give it a try.   It was definitely a different style than I was used to, but Marc was great at training ‘in small steps’ – i.e. work on ONE particular change each run, next run work on a different one, and so on.

After a few months of using the chi running method, I was feeling so confident, I decided to try for my first marathon!  Marc created a completely customized training program for me and monitored it closely through the mobile app.  It was very easy to use and follow.  Marc was fantastic in being there for me literally every step of the way – whenever I had questions, concerns, or issues about the training modules, he followed up immediately.   His positive, calming attitude really set me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed for the training and race.

I still can’t believe that I was able to finish my first marathon and INJURY FREE!  I also felt much better after the race than I ever expected.  I definitely recommend chi running and Marc as a trainer.  Looking forward to the next marathon!

-Rich B

Rich B.

When I learned I had the amazing opportunity to run the 2018 Boston Marathon, I knew I needed to hire Marc as my coach to help me reach my goal of running a marathon under 5 hours.  Marc not only guided me through the 18 weeks of training with an amazing plan, but taught me about Easy Runs, Tempo/Speed Runs and Strength Runs, as well as making sure I was properly practicing the ChiRunning focuses.   When I trained for my previous marathons, by the time race day arrived I was tired (mentally and physically) from the training.   Throughout the 18 weeks of Marc’s training I felt fantastic!  I was training hard, but because his training plan made sure I was running the appropriate paces (easy, strength, Tempo/speed) and mileage at the proper times, my body recovered when it needed to, and I was prepared for the harder training days, so I never felt over trained.   Because of Marc’s training, guidance and mentoring I finished the 2018 Boston Marathon in 4:58:31 despite Mother Nature throwing everything she had at us on that day.   I made my goal of completing the marathon under 5 hours because I was coached Marc!!


Jenn B.

I’m currently a sophomore in high school, and I started running the summer before my freshman year. Right from the get-go, I knew I’d found my new passion. However, soon after I started running competitively in cross country, I became stuck in a cycle of injuries that caused bilateral stress fractures. Needless to say, I needed help. Marc provided me with the key insight and guidance, and he patiently coached me through the injuries. This past month, I’ve finally been running consistently without pain, and without Marc, I’d definitely still be hurt and not improving. His holistic approach to running and racing has given me insight that I’ll carry on with me for the rest of my life. Not only is Marc an incredible runner and coach, but he is also a compassionate and intelligent person that is capable of making an amazing runner out of anyone. Because of Marc, I know I’ll improve from my current mile PR of 5:18, and I’ll be well-prepared for the upcoming cross country season.



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