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Maggie Macgill

senior instructor

Certified since March 2013

Maggie Macgill

instructor map marker Victoria

Connect with Maggie

Maggie is an accomplished ChiRunning® and Pilates coach with 20 years of international teaching experience. She also holds a degree in research methods, Masters level certification in Pilates, and is a qualified life coach. Her clients have included sufferers of acute and chronic pain through to professional sportspeople, paralympians and Olympic gold medallists.

Maggie is a fantastic teacher who really has a great eye for how the body moves and what structures are orchestrating the movement. She has a fantastic anatomical knowledge and can modify exercises to suit the individual. Maggie has been instrumental in teaching me how to properly use breathing to assist with maintaining correct posture throughout movements and in finding and utilising a deep core connection.

Lauren Starr
Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Teacher.

Lauren Starr Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Teacher

Maggie has a very astute eye. In my first session with her, I was amazed at how much she could see within a few seconds watching me run. She is also really good at finding those things whether it be images or metaphors –that I can take into my body and feel straight away. These two things make Maggie a very powerful coach: Her eye for detail and her ability to make an immediate difference. After just a few sessions with Maggie I could run further with less effort. I stopped getting injured.I suddenly had a lot more energy in my running and my life.

Langdon Rodda

When I support my body in the way that Maggie has taught me to, my legs never get sore or tired during longer distance Ultra runs. I have developed a very clear understanding of how important it is to connect to all the moving parts in my engine, this allowing me to function with so much more ease.

John Salton, Ultra Runner, Winner 2017 DU 135 miler.

Working with Maggie has made a huge difference to my awareness of self and how my body reacts and moves in various situations and environments. It has allowed me to have better control of my body when I run and a better understanding of what I can change or alter to better influence my performance.

Isis Holt, T35 100m & 200m world record holder.

As a Physiotherapist, I frequently call on the skills I have learnt from Maggie’s workshops. I am running better than ever and clients have really benefited from what I have taken away from my sessions with Maggie. She really knows her stuff!

David Pitcher, Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Teacher, Marathoner.

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