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Loreen Ozolins

master instructor

Certified since February 2010

Loreen Ozolins

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Hello All Runners!

Some Testimonials:

“I know I have got it now – just gets better and you are so right about the buzz – better than the “runners high” because it just feels so right. My amazing Rotorua run resulted in qualifying in my age group for the Xterra World Champs in Hawaii. I can’t go but was pretty stoked to get the certificate etc!! So thanks again for everything, it has made such a great difference.” – Karen

“Absolutely awesome. Chirunning at half marathon level. For a long period I struggled with achilles and calf muscle injuries but finally solved- I have high foot arches. I packed under these for support and a 40 year running problem dissapeared in a week. Chirunning leaves me fresh after a 2.5 hr run, thank you so much. I’ll do my best to spread the word.” – Dave

It was a twist of fate which made me a Chi Runner….

I am now a Certified Chi Running Master Instructor. I have been a Certified ChiRunning instructor since 2010 but I have been a Chi Runner since 2005.

I have always been an active person growing up in Colorado with outdoor adventures beckoning just outside my door. I skied, hiked, climbed, rode horses and bikes, but I was never a runner, having suffered from chronic knee pain the minute I laced up my running shoes. Here is a 1-minute YouTube clip on how I got started with ChiRunning…

I was chuffed that I had finished the Athens Marathon, something I never thought would be possible with my wonky knees. ChiRunning transformed running from something I dreaded with a passion and turned it into a life long sport that I love.

Since Athens, my ChiRunning story gets even more interesting … In 2009, ChiRunning fate would again follow me to the same running store in Colorado Springs where I discovered Danny Dreyers book 4 years earlier. On the counter laid a small flier, “Free ChiRunning Talk at 5pm today”! How fortuitous!!

I was the 1st to arrive and met the most amazing runner, Master Instructor Mary Lindahl. She was so friendly and so open with her wise advice and great sense of humour, we immediately got along like a house on fire. We talked non-stop of ChiRunning.

She booked her flight later that month saying she would arrive in February 2010 for a month. “And by the way, while I am down there, why don’t you get certified to become a ChiRunning Instructor!!”

The rest is history. Since that fateful trip, I have run countless races and kilometres all over the world, taking my running shoes with me wherever my work and travel take me.

I have taught over 300 runners, given away countless ChiRunning and Chi Walking books to friends and colleagues, trained Tri-athletes, Ultra-marathoners, people rehabilitating from chronic running injuries and mums trying to get back into shape.

I have co-taught many workshops, multi-day workshop, and a ChiRunning Instructor Training in Singapore with Master Instructor Mary Lindahl and also co-taught with Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiRunning.

I now specialize in training the ChiRunning technique to Tri-Athletes looking for that extra edge; injured runners looking to return to running, and older women and men trying to get fit again now that the kids are gone.

So, if you are looking for a technique that will have you love running forever, come and join me in exploring this fantastic technique to get you back…Running for Life!!

Give me a ring to arrange a private workshop or join in the fun with a larger group.

Happy Trails,
Loreen Ozolins, Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Master Instructor

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