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Kim Hair

certified instructor

Certified since July 2021

Kim Hair

instructor map marker Pennsylvania

Connect with Kim

Hi, I’m Kim, and that picture is from a duathlon I completed in 2018 in high winds and downpours. Not only did ChiRunning  make the running part easier, it also got me through the mental part of that race. Without ChiRunning I would not even have “toed the line” that day.

Many years ago I was sidelined with runner’s knee in both knees for over a year. I found a physical therapist that showed me the imbalances in my body that caused the pain. I faithfully did the exercises to correct the imbalances, and was able to walk pain free. But…I still wanted to run.

I read about Danny and ChiRunning in my Runner’s World magazine. I purchased the book and the DVD. I also took a workshop with a local certified instructor. I have been running pain free ever since!

One of the highlights of my life was going to Kripalu to learn ChiRunning from Danny for a week. That week inspired me to become a Certified ChiRunning Instructor. I took the ChiRunning Instructor Training with Danny in September 2019.

I love to teach people this technique—it truly is a lifelong practice. ChiRunning teaches you how to listen to your body, how to run pain free and with much less effort, and to enjoy running!  My goal is to teach people this technique so that they can run for their lifetime!

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