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Ken Presutti

master instructor

Certified since November 2013

Ken Presutti

instructor map marker Pennsylvania

Connect with Ken

Ken is a Certified Master ChiRunning Instructor, Triathlon Coach, Spinning Instructor, and ACE Certified Personal trainer. He is passionate about running, cycling, triathlon, and health. While we all have different training and fitness goals, Ken’s athletes and clients are united in their quest to create the best version of themselves imaginable.

With that core philosophy, he works individually with clients to find an approach that best meets their needs. From ChiRunning form coaching, to classic training methods like periodization protocols, to the Maffetone Method, VDOT2 tables, ancestral training techniques and more, he collaborates with athletes to develop the program that’s right for them.

As a Master ChiRunning Instructor, Running Coach, Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, and Health Coach, Ken places a major emphasis on skills and proper movement. He will work to get you fast, fit and race ready the right way!

You can also connect with him for a Spin Class or Personal Training at Mecka Fitness in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Coach Ken is amazing! He takes the time to listen, work with my schedule, and provides great feedback! Since working with him, my endurance, running economy, and form have dramatically improved!


Coach Ken has been great! He is very personable, knowledgeable and effective at communicating. I will continue to use Coach Ken to help me become a better runner and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve!


I’ve been training with Ken for a half Ironman for the past few months. He’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful both when we meet for one-on-one sessions and through text/email. In just this little time he made a huge difference in my running and biking by teaching me the correct form and mental tricks to keep going. The training plan is highly personalized, and he reviews the completed workouts on a weekly basis to adjust the plan for you to still reach your end goal.

This is not my first time training with a personal coach, so I’ve experienced several different training styles and programs through the past ten years. Ken is definitely a top of the line coach and his passion for the sport is contagious!

I highly recommend him as your triathlon and running coach!


My daughter who is 19 currently has had 3 running “coaches” in the past in addition to her team coaches. She really gets some good feedback from Ken. He has helped her specifically with her stride. In just 3 sessions she feels much more comfortable with her new form. She only had 6 weeks to work on her stride and cadence issues which we never dreamed would be enough time. It seems that Ken can analyze specifics quickly and offer suggestions effectively. She also enjoys his casual approachable nature and good personality. Pretty funny too. I would give Ken a try for any form issues your working on.


Ken had an almost immediate impact on my running. My half marathon training has progressed almost twice as fast as I expected training on my own. Not only has my cardio improved with my personalized running schedule, my body is holding up much better due to the form changes we have implemented. I would call myself an average runner and would recommend Ken to anyone looking to take their training and performance to the next level.


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