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Jeff Carnivale

master instructor

Certified since July 2010

Jeff Carnivale

instructor map marker Texas

Connect with Jeff

For over 20 years Jeff has been helping people reach their fitness goals as a certified instructor of pilates, cycling and as a personal trainer. He is happy to have worked closely with Founder Danny Dreyer to earn Master Instructor status. Jeff leads a holistic approach to fitness and healthy living. It was 2002 when Jeff was training a TNT group for a century bike ride when his wife, along with a whole bunch of other marathoners, convinced him to give distance running a go. Like many, he was a little hesitant, as running had mostly been a punishment doled out while participating in team sports. Training for his first marathon, Jeff realized the joy and peace of those long run days and was hooked. In 2006 while training for a second marathon, he picked up his wife’s copy of ChiRunning and immediately felt improvements in efficiency and running form. This has greatly helped him keep up with his growing son. As luck would have it, the Chi Living team needed another staff member and Jeff joined the Chi Living team in May of 2009. He also has the good fortune to be able to run with Danny about once a week when he is in town – a great way to keep your technique sharp when the boss is right behind you! Whether you are looking to run/walk your first 5K, want to improve your triathlon performance, or are training for a long distance event, Jeff can set a program to help you reach your goal.

So, I ran my half this morning in 1:57:39 – my second fastest by 20 seconds ( and the fastest was 4 years ago) and Eric said this was the most comfortable half he’s ever run and really benefited from your clinic yesterday. I just wanted you to know that you make an IMMEDIATE difference in people’s health and lives.

Shanna M

Jeff is a mentor, a peer, and a friend. I’m not sure you could find a coach or trainer anywhere better than Jeff. Please hire him today and walk the most direct and fulfilling path to health and fitness success.

Rob G

Jeff is an excellent trainer and has transformed me from an uninspired and injury-prone runner into a well rounded athlete with the tools to train and race with ease and joy for years to come. I cannot recommend Jeff and Fitness Delivered enough!

Uta B

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