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Henry Walker

certified instructor

Certified since September 2020

Henry Walker

instructor map marker Arizona

Connect with Henry

Hello and thanks for visiting my profile!  I’m so excited to be part of your running journey!!  I’m a long-time martial artist and former Marine so I understand the value of longevity.

As a certified ChiRunner and ChiWalker, my focus is on the concepts of natural, efficient, and injury free movement. I can’t wait to meet and help you uncover the “secrets” of efficient movement and provide the tools you can use for a lifetime of running, celebrate your successes, and create awesome memories!!!

“ChiRunning is life changing, and Henry is a very engaging teacher.  Accept the feedback and prepare to change the way you currently run or walk after trying (applying) the concepts that are presented.  Henry makes you feel really comfortable doing things that may be out of your comfort zone”

“All the outdoor practice is great. And this time I really got a lot from the ChiWalking coaching. This will be invaluable to help get through the miles when I do my first 50k.  The demonstration and practicing the topics being presented, for me personally measuring cadence was very helpful and identified something I need to work on.  I love how Henry talks to everyone like he’s known them for years. He really doesn’t ever meet a stranger. :)”

“I work with Master Instructor Lisa Pozzoni all the time. It was interesting that you picked up on a lot of the same issues (running on toe, arms across the body). I did find one piece of advice that resonated that was new – about the leg movement starting up the middle of the back. This visual and physical feeling will really help with my pelvic rotation to help open up my stride at a faster pace.”

“Henry will make people feel comfortable with the process and help them to not compare themselves to others on their journey.”

What are three words you would use to describe his teaching style?  “Engaging, enthusiastic, relatable”

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