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certified instructor

Certified since November 2022

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Connect with Chris

When I was a power runner, I accepted that injuries were part of the package. When things went well, I felt invincible, but when I was injured I felt fragile. Finally, in 2005 I discovered ChiRunning and ChiWalking and since then I’ve made it my practice. Now running is a mind-body activity for me, and moving from a place of alignment means I’m running with energy efficiency as well as preventing injuries.

ChiWalking has been surprising bonus. When I was training for marathons, my walking was sluggish and frankly not fun. After I learned ChiWalking, I instantly enjoyed the benefits of efficient walking, which includes loving it! I currently walk 50+ miles per week for transportation, exercise and errands.

I’m located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota), and teach throughout the Midwest and beyond. I love working with people who want to run/walk more efficiently and reduce injuries. I teach half-day workshops and private lessons including video analysis.

I taught for 10 years, and then due to a move away from the Twin Cities, stopped teaching for a few years. In April of 2021, while on a morning walk, I was crossing an intersection (in the crosswalk, with the light and wearing a headlamp) when I was hit by a car. I was lucky: I broke my pelvis in two places, but did not require surgery because it did not displace. During my recovery, I realized how important ChiWalking and ChiRunning  were to me. I knew that I wanted to teach again, and am excited to once again be a certified instructor!

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