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Gary J Gorbsky

certified instructor

Certified since February 2021

Gary J Gorbsky

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Science shows us that exercise and proper nutrition are the only means to the fountain of youth that really work. Running and walking are ideal exercises for humans since we are supremely optimized for these forms of exercise. When we are young children, we move effortlessly. But as we get older we develop less than ideal habits in the way we run and walk. As a result, we lack efficiency, but more importantly, our poor habits place needless wear and tear on our bodies, causing injury. These injuries can drive a vicious cycle, preventing us from exercising or, at the very least, making exercise less than fun.

I had been running all my life, but about 18 years ago, nearing 50, I began to experience some nagging injuries. I discovered ChiRunning, first through the book shortly after it first appeared. Over the next few years I attended two multiday courses taught by Danny and Katherine Dryer, the founders of ChiRunning and ChiWalking. I have never been an elite runner, but in 2016, shortly after turning 60, using the techniques I learned, I achieved a long-term goal of qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon, a unique experience. Over the years I have run several marathons and many half marathons but my main goal has been to keep running, almost every day. The benefits I reap every day from the mindful, moving meditation of ChiRunning are immense.

I have a PhD in biology, and currently, I chair a department in a non-profit, biomedical research institute. I am confident in the science that attests to the vital importance of exercise and good nutrition in health. I am also confident in the science underlying the techniques of ChiRunning and ChiWalking in promoting energy efficiency and injury prevention. In 2020, when I learned that Danny Dryer was to teach his last instructor class before retirement, I knew I had to get my certification.

One of my goals is to keep running the rest of my life and to use exercise and proper nutrition as my personal “fountain of youth.” My other goal is to share what I have learned with as many other people as possible. If you are in the Edmond, Oklahoma City area, or anywhere in Central Oklahoma and think you might be interested in improving your running, walking and general health, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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