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Certified since September 2022

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Helping people achieve their running goals through improvements in running form is where I come in. In almost every sport, a coach is there to explain how to best move your body to improve your performance. In distance running, many coaches just scratch the surface of how to best move your body. ChiRunning shows you how to transform your running technique to be the most efficient from your head to your feet. Efficiency translates to injury prevention and increased speed over distance.

I am a former High School cross country coach and I am a student of running form. I have read, and continue to read, everything I can get my hands on about running form. ChiRunning is the only technique I have found that explains how the entire body works together to be an efficient running system. Consequently, transformations to your running can be big, if you continually practice the techniques.

Prepare yourself to learn techniques that make so much sense you will understand why more people ChiRun each year!



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