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Certified since April 2021

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I wanted to find a way to improve my running form and efficiency so I can increase my race pace and distance.  I am not anymore, but I would like to keep running and racing for as long as my body allows me to.  In high school cross-country teams, college, and in the military, I was able to push my body hard and recover from injuries quickly.  I thought injuries were part of the game and because I was young, I figured I could muscle my way through, but I was not thinking about how injuries were going to have a cumulative effect on my body over the years.  Not understanding the mechanics of running, I continued to run on different terrains (competitively) and I did okay until I started doing more road running.  That is when I started to have more injuries and setbacks; in short, I was really frustrated.  This is what brought me to Chi and the practice of ChiRunning.  I have been working on form and injury free running and I have noticed the beneficial effects of the practice of ChiRunning.  I can do the same thing for others now and provide them with the tools for a long and enjoyable running practice.

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