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Cor Knipmeijer

master instructor

Certified since April 2024

Cor Knipmeijer

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Connect with Cor

Master Instructor – Netherlands

For years I have been an avid runner, initially as a sprinter but now for many years as a long-distance runner. I have also been active as an athletics and running trainer for years.

Discovering ChiRunning has only increased my addiction to running. I really enjoy the ease with which you can run when you apply the ChiRunning technique.

What also appeals to me about ChiRunning is that you not only train your body but also your mind. You are better balanced, also in daily life. So not only do you feel fitter, it is also an enrichment.

Less chance of injuries

With ChiRunning you reduce the chance of injuries.  Fortunately, I myself am rarely or never injured. As a running trainer, however, I see all too often runners who do. Many of these injuries can be prevented by applying ChiRunning.

In order to give those runners but also everyone else the opportunity to experience the benefits of ChRunning, Cor decided that he wanted to become an instructor. He was admitted to the programme at Marion Meesters in 2015 and completed the programme in September 2016.

If you want more information, you can send me an e-mail. Or check out my website:


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