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Cheryl Lloyd

master instructor

Certified since April 2011

Cheryl Lloyd

instructor map marker Nevada

Connect with Cheryl

Hi there! My name is Cheryl Lloyd. I’ve been a Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor since 2011 and honored to achieve the level of Master Instructor in 2014. Learning the Chi technique transformed my life. As an older athlete, I am grateful that I can continue to run without injury. I’m still doing ultramarathons and running long distance on trails in Reno, NV.

I’m currently providing private instruction in the Reno area. Please visit my website at for information or contact me at

I can teach you to run efficiently and avoid injury for the rest of your life! The profound personal running transformation that I experienced as I began to practice ChiRunning led me to become a Certified Instructor so that I could share the joy of ChiRunning with others. Certified in 2011, I teach the Instructor Certification courses, too, so if you’re interested in doing an online (ZOOM) instructor course please check it out. I can also teach you privately to become a Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor.

If you’ve never run, if you’ve tried it and didn’t enjoy it, if you’ve had chronic injuries, if you want to continue to enjoy running and aging actively, if you want to start an exercise program, if you want to run faster and easier, if you want to avoid injury – I can teach you how with the ChiRunning/Chi Walking techniques.

A Registered Nurse, with degrees in exercise physiology and nursing and a Masters in Health Care Administration I have spent my career in both the fitness and medical worlds understanding a broad range of adult health care needs. Working with people who value health and fitness is my passion.

I have participated in many different sports throughout my life including two Hawaii Championship Ironman Triathlons in 1982 where I finished in the top 10 women. I also have been competitive in endurance cycling, running marathons and ultramarathons. Chronic knee pain stopped my endurance running and I soon resigned myself to short runs and low mileage.

ChiRunning changed all that in 2010! I’ve rediscovered my love of long distance trail running in the beautiful Sierras and Lake Tahoe near my home in Reno, Nevada – ChiRunning allows me to enjoy running the hilly trails effortlessly for long miles. Since I started ChiRunning, I am uninjured, running mileage I haven’t achieved since my 30’s and maintaining a weight that I thought I would never see again. I regularly run ultradistance races of 50K and 50 Miles placing high in my age group and frequently running faster than people much younger than me simply due to my ChiRunning practice.

By the end of a workshop you will understand how to apply the technique immediately to your running or walking, and be well on the way to enjoying a lifelong program of fitness, health and wellbeing. It would be my pleasure to teach you the ChiRunning or ChiWalking techniques so you can experience everything it can offer you!

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