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Certified since January 2023

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Thank you for visiting my bio!  I am a passionate Chi Runner/Walker and I would love to share my passion with you!  I have used Chi Running as primarily a marathon runner even though I love to challenge myself to shorter distances too.

After graduating from University High School in 1981, I joined the Marine Corp for a 4 year enlistment.   It’s really in the Marines that I developed my passion for running and enjoyed a lot of success competing.  After an honorable discharge, I graduated from the University of Washington.  While in college, I attempted to walk on the cross-country running team but every time I trained hard, I would experience an injury.  Injuries kept me from reaching my full potential as a runner and continued a pattern of healthy running to running injuries. This pattern took me to the Silicon Valley Marathon in 2006 and it was there that I discovered Chi Running.

I was first instructed into the art of Chi Running in Anchorage Alaska where I was a high school art and photography teacher as well as a coach and I’ve been running consistently to the present day.  I retired as a teacher in 2020 and decided to be a Chi Running Instructor as well as pursue a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification.

Since my retirement, I have worked with a charity called Team RWB which is a veterans outreach program to help veterans get more active and have a healthy outlet to deal with symptoms of depression and PTSD.  Helping fellow veterans motivates me.

I also love to travel.  After my retirement, I combined by love of running long distances with my travel so I’ve been attempting to run a marathon in every state representing Team RWB.  As of this writing, I have run a marathon in 35 states.  In 2022, I ran 9 marathons in 9 states.  Of the marathons I have run, 6 of them had a good enough time to Boston Qualify.  Several of the marathons I have completed had me winning or placing top of my age group.  How do I do it?  By using Chi Running!

If you’re running and are tired of getting injured, I highly recommend giving Chi Running a try.  It could be as transformative as it was for me.


Scott Mayfield

Chi Running Instructor

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