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Angela James

master instructor

Certified since October 2009

Angela James

instructor map marker British Columbia

Connect with Angela

Angela James gets as much joy from helping the client who struggles against their limitations to get out and enjoy a Chi walk, as she does from training the high-performance runner to relax into the Chi and enjoy better faster results with less effort.

Angela’s life & study are her credentials.  She is:

Angela’s athletic statistics include 40 plus marathons (including Boston), a couple of Ultramarathons; numerous Half marathons, 10ks, and Triathlons, from Olympic distance to full Ironman!  Angela is also an avid ocean swimmer, cyclist and tennis player.

Since first learning of Chi in 2009, Angela has lived and promoted a healthful Chi lifestyle.  Knowledge from her life’s successes and healing from her share of the business and athletic setbacks, Angela can offer her clients a joyful, compassionate approach to life through Chi walking, running and living.


A native of England, with a background in Nursing and Midwifery from St Mary’s Hospital, London, Angela immigrated to Canada in 1983.

She owned and operated a furniture business, importing Antiques from the UK which she ran successfully for over 20 years. Her custom-built commissioned pieces have become collectible in the city of Vancouver.

Sports have always played a big part in Angela’s life, including tennis squash, cycling, swimming and of course long distance running and walking.

In 1996 Angela expanded her fitness program to include marathon running. She has since completed forty marathons including Boston in 2004.
Angela is a traveler and loves nothing better than meeting people in all walks of life from around the globe.

In 2003 she found a way to combine her love of traveling and running and her caregiving nature by joining Team In Training,

a fund-raising program that raises research money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by running marathons around the world.

She became their first marathon coach for Vancouver in 2004 and was subsequently honored with the creation of the “Angela James Spirit Award”, an award given annually to the person who most exhibits the ideals of the Society.
In 2007 Angela once more expanded her fitness program to include her love of swimming and cycling by participating in triathlons. In 2008 she completed the Ironman Canada in Penticton.

In 2009 she became a certified ChiRunning instructor, teaching people to run efficiently and injury free using alignment and relaxation based on Taichi principals.

To date, Angela is currently giving ChiRunning /walking workshops and retreats in North America and Europe.

The “chi” in the running and walking programs refers to a holistic approach not just to the practice of running or walking, but to the practice of life.

To find out more about these locations visit her website:

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