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Andrew Hahn

certified instructor

Certified since January 2020

Andrew Hahn

instructor map marker Alabama

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When I first learned about ChiRunning, I was skeptical. “Here we go, another running program that claims to know ALL the secrets to running and life itself!”  But curiosity got the best of me and I started reading the book and implementing the ChiRunning concepts.

My skepticism quickly turned into amazement as I found myself running farther and faster than I had ever run before WITHOUT any debilitating injuries!  In the rare moments that I sensed any pain, I finally had a toolbox of checkmarks and technique adjustments that I could implement to make the discomfort disappear! I was so impressed with this running technique I found myself excitedly sharing these ideas with friends. It was exciting to watch them have the same enjoyable experience of running faster, longer, and with way less pain and effort!  My friends and I began entering more races, going on long running excursions together, and exploring nature free from the normal injuries that often plague runners.

I want everyone to experience the unbelievable benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.  The benefits of regular running go far beyond just having a fit swim suit body.  Research has linked regular running to improved brain functioning, mental health, cardiovascular health, bone density, and much more! ChiRunning helps people get access to all these amazing health benefits.

Look at all ChiRunning education as an investment into your health and your quality of life. ChiRunning has truly given me some of the most breathtaking and fulfilling moments in my life.  There is no greater feeling than crossing the finish line of your first marathon, ultra marathon, or triathlon, breathing in fresh air on a run through the woods, or grabbing a victory beverage with your friends after a long run!  My hope is to enable as many people as possible to enjoy these life changing experiences!  And there’s no better way to do that than through the practice of ChiRunning!

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