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Certified since July 2024

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Hello, I’m Stine, originally from Denmark and now calling Wyoming, USA, my home for over two decades. Running used to be a daunting task for me, as I struggled to maintain the mental stamina required to stay present during a run. However, my personal development journey, which began in 2017, allowed me to embrace running at the age of 45.

Frequent injuries led me to discover Chi Running, a technique I became so passionate about that I decided to become a certified instructor. Today, I am focused on empowering women to redefine their running experience through self-compassion, gratitude, and mind-body connection using Chi Running. I offer in-person retreats, workshops, and personalized 1:1 online coaching.

In addition to my coaching, I host a weekly podcast called ‘Run Aligned: a ChiRunning podcast,’ where I guide women runners of all paces and abilities to experience a true mind-body connection while running. I share techniques on running form, mindset, and mindfulness to help you redefine what success means on your runs and beyond.

Run Aligned Retreats are my ChiRunning retreats for women in the beautiful landscapes of North Central Wyoming. You can find more details and updates on these retreats here.

For local visitors or Airbnb guests, I provide custom Chi Walking and Chi Running workshops and lead guided walks and runs, which can be found on my Airbnb page.

Are you interested in transforming your running experience? Send me an email, and let’s connect.


“Learning the art of Chi Walking has transformed how I feel about exercising. After years of athletic injuries and movement, my body did not feel good doing even simple exercises. However, walking has been one that I can tolerate some aches. Today in the chi walking workshop I was totally amazed at the immediate relief I felt in my shins and hips. I never realized how tense my legs were just with walking. Changing how I love and how I think while I move has really changed how I feel about exercise. I am excited to continue practicing what I learned today and achieving a life of mindfulness and wellness. Thank you Stine for sharing your passion!”

Karsyn (workshop participant)

Every day was a fascinating new adventure and physical push/ challenge soaking in amazing and spectacular views and feeling our body, mind and Soul.


Aditi (running retreat participant)

I’ve never been on a trip before with people where connecting was so easy. There was so much love and space for each other.

Boukje (running retreat participant)

Super supportive environment, amazing skills to learn, plus stellar views. Such a perfect space for learning, grounding, and growth.

Vanessa (running retreat participant)

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