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Michael Weintraub

certified instructor

Certified since December 2020

Michael Weintraub

instructor map marker Massachusetts

Connect with Michael

Michael has been an avid runner since childhood and a triathlete for over 25 years. Due to years of running injuries, Michael is thankful that, to supplement the excellent care he received from many doctors, physical therapists and other practitioners (and the MRI’s and other tests that followed), he found ChiRunning®. He vowed that if he were able to increase mileage and speed without injury, he would become an instructor – Mission Accomplished.

Michael is thrilled to have been a student of Chi founder Danny Dreyer. Now a proud member of the ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® family, Michael invites you to learn more about ChiRunning®/ChiWalking®, participate in a class and be part of the Chi-family as well.

Michael’s mission is to introduce pain free running & walking with less effort to persons of all ages and abilities. Michael feels blessed that after all these years, he is able to bring his passion and experience of running to those in search of a new beginning with the goal of a joyful, holistic and lifelong practice.

Competing in road races from one mile to marathons; triathlons from sprints to Ironman, and open water swims, Michael has won hundreds of medals, trophies and other awards over the years. One of Michael’s highlights was representing his hometown as he was chosen to participate in the carrying of the Olympic Torch through Colonie, NY on its way to the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. 25 years later at age 50, he returned to compete in the 2005 Lake Placid Ironman finishing in the famous Olympic Speed Skating Oval. In 2022, Michael returned to Ironman Lake Placid with a 4th place Age Group Medal. Michael still loves competing, but does so in a much more effortless and mindful way with a primary goal of staying injury free.

Michael teaches students of all ability levels in private and group sessions (virtual and/or live) including video analysis. More importantly, Michael will work with organizations in need.

Michael lives in Brookline, MA with his wife and soulmate Diane and their African Grey Parrots. They have a daughter Rose living in Miami and working in the Miami-Dade School System. Michael (Tri Chi Walk & Run, LLC) can be reached at

After being plagued with a running injury for nearly two years, I met with Michael to explore this new to me style of running, Chi running.  Best thing I ever did!  Not only did Michael explain, provide direction and give tutorials, but the whole process of learning and implementing Chi running techniques flowed like the natural progression I was hoping for.  It has made my running more efficient, relaxing and most importantly… no more pain!  Thanks Michael for introducing me to Chi running and allowing me to start training for marathons again.

Paul S.

I was actually so impressed by your ability to teach via zoom, combined with face-to-face instructional opportunity. I was able to pick up on all the techniques as you were teaching them, and I have a newfound love for Chi Walking. Your professionalism in your teaching was also extraordinary.

Catherine C.

After reading ChiRunning, I wanted to work with a ChiRunning instructor to make sure I was applying the principles of ChiRunning correctly.  I worked with Michael for approximately four hours on a Saturday and the instruction was phenomenal.  Michael’s explanation of the ChiRunning concepts were extremely easy to understand and apply.  Michael’s ability to break down the different principles of ChiRunning really helped me focus on fixing my problems I had with both my hip rotation and cadence.  After the session was over, Michael was extremely prompt in providing me with both written and video feedback.  Michael went into incredible depth in his post-instruction summary and video analysis.  His post-instruction summary and video are both tools I keep going back to when I start to feel myself regressing back to my old form.  I highly recommend Michael for all your ChiRunning needs!

Ryan K, 42, B.A.A. Running Club Member

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