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michal artzi

master instructor

Certified since January 2010

michal artzi

instructor map marker Tel Aviv District

Connect with Michal

I have been a Chi Running instructor since 2010 and a Master Instructor since 2014. I love running. I love Chi Running. I love to teach Chi Running, but mostly I love helping people reaching their goals, and receiving heart worming testimonials from those who couldn’t run, but can now.

I completed 7 marathons, 3 ultras (45, 50, 55k), and many other shorter distance races. I am an open water swimmer, a long running distance coach, a fitness coach and a student for a sports psychology.

I live and teach in Tel Aviv, Israel. In pre-Covid days, I used to travel and teach with Danny as much as I could. Now you can find me here, in Israel.

Looking forward to helping you reaching your goals!

892 Km. This is the count of Km I ran this year. More than I could ever imagine just a few years back.

Six years ago I was injures after serving in the IDF. I could not run. Not even 200 meters. So, in 2015 during the war that was going on in Israel, I took a running class with Michal. A class that included running to the nearest shelter. 😉 Us, and the children playing near by…

Slowly nut surly, step by step, I internalize the Chi Running principles, I realized the changes that was merging in my running form and like magic it took the pressure down from my hurting knees.

I can no longer imaging my life without 4 runs a week.

So do yourself a favor. Do not hesitate and contact your nearest Chi Running Instructor. Michal did a great job with me!

Thank you Michal! 892 times!

January, 2022

Here is the link to the Hebrew version and for more Hebrew testimonials:


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