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Lori Hays

certified instructor

Certified since July 2021

Lori Hays

instructor map marker Wisconsin

Connect with Lori

Lori Hays is proud to offer ChiRunning/ChiWalking instruction to Milwaukee area runners and walkers.

As a plus-size runner herself, Lori aspires to bring the joy of running and movement to people of every body type.

She will be offering classes, individual instruction and group runs specifically for fellow “back of the pack” runners, creating the camaraderie and community experienced my traditional running clubs available to everyone.

After years of starting marathon training only to get injured by week 8, I finally took a friends advice and read the ChiRunning book. It changed my running life. After applying the form for weeks, I attempted a solo 5K and was able to run without stopping at a respectable slow 17 min/mile (a huge achievement for me!) and only stopped because I was about to be late for work.

Learning the ChiRunning form inspired me to bring this phenomenon to other runners of size or people who desire to run but have either been told they need to lose weight first, they should never run because of whatever reason, or who want to try but are afraid to start.

I love the freedom I feel with running now, and the energy I have even after my run concludes. I’d love to share more of my story with you and help running becoming a whole new enjoyment in your life.

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