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Eric Deeter

certified instructor

Certified since November 2021

Eric Deeter

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Connect with Eric

I started running at age 60 after a thirty year “quit.” I was a runner in my late 20s and set a goal to run a marathon. On my way, I suffered the typical overuse injuries runners have. But I reached my goal. I finished my marathon. Then I quit running. Not right away. It was a slow and gradual taper that led to a quit.

In 2017, a friend completed his first 50 mile trail race. I looked at his pictures and said, “That looks like fun. I bet I can run again.” I ran my trail mile the next day. I told no one, but my goal was to run, the next year, the same 50 mile race my friend had done.

ChiRunning made all the difference

After a few weeks, I was starting to feel the same strains that I knew would develop into injuries.  Another friend of mine told me I should look into ChiRunning. I got the book and videos and found the form helped me run efficiently and without injuries.

I reached my goal of running the Hawk 50 mile trail race in 2018. Then in 2019 I ran a 100 mile race. I’ve been injury free for all my training and racing. ChiRunning let me rediscover how much fun it is to move through the world on my own two feet. And I fell in love with trail running and spending time in nature.

My passion as a ChiRunning + Walking instructor is to help others be able to accomplish goals they never imagined possible, whether its a 5K or a 50K or having a vision to be a life-long runner.

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